Safe Sanctuary

Training, Policy, and procedures

Throughout the gospels, Jesus provides teachings on providing a peaceable kingdom for all of God’s people, including our most precious gifts, our children and youth

(Matthew 5:9Luke 18:15-17). The peaceable kingdom begins with sanctuary. 

Here at Seabrook United Methodist Church, we are dedicated to the creation of a safe environment for the children of our care.

Please remember., if you are volunteering with the children and youth of Seabrook United Methodist Church you must have the new Safe Sanctuaries certification.

All other volunteers will be asked to participate in Seabrook United Methodist Church's Safe Sanctuaries training which is available on this page. 

In both cases, you will also need to fill out a "consent for background check" form which is available in the church office and as link at the bottom of this page. Please return these forms to Pastor Paula Kirby.  If you have any questions she can be reached at

Our Safe Sanctuaries policy and procedures are not based on a lack of trust in workers, but are intended to protect our preschoolers, children, youth, workers, employees, volunteers and the entire church body. Careful and confidential documentation is essential to show compliance with policies, to verify information as needed, and to have an accurate record in the case of an incident.

Safe Sanctuary Training Video