Stewardship is not raising money. Stewardship is not a program. Stewardship is a

journey. Stewardship is about life, in fact it is a way of life, managing that which God

has provided to us both individually and as a community of faith.

The Book of Discipline affirms “the general ministry of all baptized Christians who share

responsibility for building up the church and reaching out in mission and service to the

world.” All of us are called to use our God-given gifts and talents for the ministry and

work of the Church. This calling is the very heart of stewardship. In action, stewardship

is the way we manage, or mismanage, our resources to further the kingdom of God in

our homes, our communities and our daily living. Stewardship is reaching out in love

and charity to our families, neighbors and the larger world to share of the love of God

and make life better for all. The people of Seabrook United Methodist Church are very

active in stewardship. Singly and in organized groups, members of the congregation are

deeply committed to the many stewardship opportunities awaiting us both here at

Seabrook UMC and in the larger community. We feel it is a way of showing gratitude to

God who has been so generous to His people...a way of placing trust in God as we give

back a portion of the riches He has provided for us. We believe God is the source of all

gifts, spiritual and material. While we strive to be good stewards of all of God’s gifts to

us, we believe that the way we use our money reflects the state of our spiritual lives.

Our experience is that joyful giving results in spiritual growth. The Finance Committee

invites you to join us in this commitment to deepening our faith.

It is our hope that each of us would prayerfully listen for the leading of God’s Spirit, then,

with an open heart make your commitment trusting the faithfulness of God to help us. A

faithful response to God’s leading may look different for each one of us depending on

where we are in our faith journey. Some among us may be living out the Biblical tithe,

(Praise God). Is God calling you to take another step? Others may just be learning to

trust God’s leading in this area of faith. If you have made your first step, trust God to

help you make the next. Wherever you are, continue to walk by faith and join us in an

exciting journey. Please consider that the stewardship journey starts with a First Step,

and just as other journeys, sometimes the first step is the most difficult.

Your Finance Committee has developed a budget for 2019 based on the areas of

ministry, in which we are engaged, with the costs of those activities allocated to the

respective areas of ministry. This format allows you to see a preview of how the church

finances will be used in the coming year.



Nurture & Discipleship

Clergy and laity alike offer the ongoing support of pastoral care for both members and

constituents of the congregation. In this way, we express the meaning of Christian

community by sharing with each other our time, talent and treasure. Gathering together

for Bible study, fellowship and discipleship activities builds the bonds of relationship and

enriches our life of faith. We have a strong Christian Education Program for all ages.

The Christian life is best developed over an entire lifetime. Our ministries strive to meet

people where they are in life and their faith journey.

Nurture & Discipleship Involves

• Program Staff

• Sunday School Curriculum

• Bible Studies

• Vacation Bible School

• Children’s Ministries

• Youth Ministries

• Family Ministries

• Mature Adult Ministries

• Caring Ministries

• Outreach

Total Allocated to Nurture & Discipleship: $151,225



Mission & Benevolence

Seabrook United Methodist Church is known as a place where the hands and heart of

Christ are truly present. We emphasize our Outreach and caring for people through

local missions and connectional giving. Seeking to be a place where there are no

outcasts we strive to see Christ present in all our interactions. Outreach is our response

to Jesus’ words, “ you did it to the least one of these, you did it to me.” Giving

pervades all that we do as a church and as individuals. Mission and benevolence giving

is a part of who we are in the United Methodist Church. We join in ministry with

Methodists around the globe. Through mission work and giving we touch the lives of

people in our community, throughout the state of Texas, across the country, and around

the world.

Missions & Benevolence Involves

• Missional Outreach

• District Benevolences

• Conference Benevolences

Total Allocated to Missions & Benevolences: $85,439

**This budget figure does not reflect additional funds that are dispersed through the

Society of St. Stephen Outreach / Assistance Ministry.



Worship & Music

As Christians, worship is central to our life in the Church. It touches our hearts, feeds

our souls, and helps bring God’s love into our lives. When we gather in God’s house

feasting at His heavenly table of Holy Communion and welcoming people into the family

of faith through the sacrament of baptism we are reminded of our covenant relationship

with God and the saving work of Jesus Christ. As a worshipping community we gather

to support one another as well. We gather as a community of faith to praise God and to

hear God’s Word; to renew the bonds that bind us together as the people of God.

Worship is central to who we are as a community of faith in Seabrook. What we do on

Sunday morning empowers and encourages us to “go forth into the world” to do the

work we have been given to do.

Worship and Music Involves

• Giving thanks for our many blessings

• Clergy

• Lay Participants in the worship service

• Sanctuary and Altar Supplies

• Bulletins

• Christmas, Easter and other worship services and events

• Flowers

• Choirs

• Director of Music Ministries

• Musicians

• Musical Equipment

• Multi-Media Equipment

Total Allocated to Worship and Music: $174,609


Facilities & Maintenance

As we look toward the future that God is calling us into we are once again faced with

seeking to live into our original vision; to be a place where all are attracted and

welcomed. Our physical structures must therefore reflect the warmth and welcome

present in the people. Our physical plant is an important part of the church, but a

building without a community is simply a building. As good stewards, we must take care

of our building and equipment, and prepare for planned replacement of it’s components

in the future.

Facilities & Maintenance Involves

• Heating and cooling of the building

• Utilities (electric, water, phone, monitoring, gas, etc.)

• Church Building Maintenance (including the Senior Center)

• Insurance

• Debt Service

• Church Machinery, Electronics & Equipment

Total Allocated to Facilities & Maintenance: $133,536



Office & Administration

To function effectively as a Christian community, we need to communicate with each

other, strengthen the connections between congregation members and to help insure

that as a congregation we are fulfilling the mission of the Seabrook United Methodist

Church, the South District and the Texas Annual Conference. To be an effective

community of faith in the Galveston Bay area we must continually seek to develop and

grow as a church and tell the story of God’s work to the congregation and the greater


Office and Administration Involves

• Office Supplies

• Welcoming Newcomers

• Newsletters, E-mail Updates, and other communication

• Congregational Mailings

• Financial Management of Funds and Endowments

• Clergy

• Administrative Staff

• Administrative Expenses (postage, bank fees, etc.)

• Advertising

• Computer Software & Equipment

Total Allocated to Office & Administration: $102,209