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March 26, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ:


We are excited to start hosting church-wide Zoom meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM. Join us on April 1! Click here for the link to join the meeting. If you do not have a device with a webcam, you can join the meetings by phone, by calling 978-261-7610

and then entering the pin 956093841.


If you are new to video chat, we are hosting a beginners' practice Zoom session on Monday, March 30 at 6:00 PM. On Monday, if you have trouble joining the meeting, you can call the church phone number at 281-326-1970 and we will help talk you through it! Click here for the link to join that meeting.


The Meeting ID for both of these sessions is 406-116-5494.


Peace be with you,


March 23, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


Grace to you and peace. I wanted to give you an update about the church.


Main campus and Senior Center closed.

The main campus of the church and the Senior Center are closed this week. All programs and meetings are canceled. Unless there is vital business that needs your attention, we ask that you avoid the buildings. Based on the information I have received, this may extend for a number of weeks. We will update you weekly.


March 29 worship will be on the church website and the church Facebook page.

We will be worshiping electronically this week. Again, this may extend for a number of weeks. We will update you regularly.


Facebook Questions.

Each day we will post a question on our website and Facebook page. Take some time to answer the question and look at the answers of others. You might learn something new about yourself and them.



Several of you have asked how you can keep current with your estimate of giving during this time of social distancing. If you are not set up to give electronically, you can give (a) on our website or (b) by sending a check by regular mail (3300 Lakeside Dr., Seabrook, TX, 77586).


Make use of Zoom or FaceTime or some other audio/visual platform.

One of our adult Sunday School classes is meeting through Zoom. If you are part of a class or group that cannot meet at this time, consider trying it. Our IT Director, Ellen Thornburg (, would be glad to assist you.


I encourage you to check our website and our Facebook page regularly to find out what is happening and how you can stay connected.



Rev. Chuck Weber


March 20, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


Grace to you and peace.


This afternoon I participated in a conference call with Methodist Hospital System.  Methodist Hospital System has done a good job of keeping the pastors of the Texas Conference up to date in regard to COVID-19.


The biggest takeaway I had from the meeting is the importance of social distancing.  Delaying social distancing for just a day can statistically affect the spread of COVID-19 in a detrimental way.  Jesus calls us to love one another.  Right now loving one another means practicing social distancing.


This will affect how we operate in several ways.  First, we will be worshiping electronically beginning this Sunday.  A service will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.  I cannot say at this time how long we will be worshiping this way.  It was suggested that we be prepared for eight weeks and not be surprised if the timeline is extended.


Second, the main campus and the Senior Center will be closed.  There are some things which will need to be done.  Preparing electronic worship and classes.  Paying bills.  Please refrain from stopping by, even if a staff member is working.  Phone messages will be checked daily.  If you need assistance, please use email or leave a phone message.  If you are the chairperson of a committee that has pressing business, please use email or consider meeting through a platform such as Skype (Ellen Thornburg, our IT staff member, can help you if you need assistance).


The biggest challenge we face is keeping social distancing from becoming social isolation.  We are engaged in conversations to address this.


Another takeaway from the meeting involved what to do if you think you are infected with or have been exposed to COVID-19.  If it is an emergency situation, use the established emergency network (such as calling 911).  If it is not an emergency situation, call your health care provider first and establish a course of action.


Speaking on behalf of the entire church staff, we love you.  We miss being with you.  We are praying for you.  We look forward to the day when we can all gather together safely in the same space.



Rev. Chuck Weber

March 20, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


Grace to you and peace.


This afternoon I have another conference call with Methodist Hospital System.  I will soon put out an eblast with anything new I have learned.  I thought it best to go ahead and get out a list of things you can be doing.  So, here it is.  Things you can do.


Do not under-react.  (A) Practice social distancing.  (B) Wash your hands often.  (C) Do not assume that you are part of a demographic that is unaffected.  You are not.  And even if you personally are not affected, you can contribute to spread.


Do not over-react.  (A) Do not hoard.  (B) Consider what you hear.  There is a lot of information - and misinformation - floating around.  (C) Be understanding.  Our schools are having to rethink how to educate during this time.  We are having to rethink how to be church at this time.  Some things will work and some things will not.


Consider ways to stay connected.  We can post a sermon or a Sunday School class on Facebook or on our website, but church is about more than information.  It is relationships.  Consider ways to maintain those relationships.  Phone calls.  Texts.  Emails.  Do a Bible Study or book study as a group over the computer or phone.


Be grateful.  There are a lot of people - medical personnel, grocery store personnel, to name some - who are working very hard to take care of us.


Be mindful.  A lot of people are not getting a paycheck right now.  A lot of people will not have jobs to go back to when this is past.  We will be called upon to help.  After Cain killed Abel, God stopped by and asked Cain where Abel was.  Cain answered with, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  The answer is yes.  We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.


Be Christian.  I have already received emails and flyers from different church and para-church groups asserting that COVID-19 is God’s punishment for gender equality or reproductive rights or (fill-in-the-blank).  That is not how God works.  At least, not the God who made God’s self known in Jesus Christ.  As we continue our Lenten journey and watch as the shadow of the cross draws closer, we are reminded that God suffers with us and for us.


At this time I am not sure when we will be able to worship together again in the sanctuary.  I am sure that I am ready for it.  I look forward to a big “welcome home” Sunday.  Until then, keep checking your emails, the church website, and the church Facebook page.  You can reach me at



Rev. Chuck Weber


March 17, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


Because of the importance and necessity of social distancing at the present time, we will be worshiping electronically this Sunday. Worship will be posted on our Facebook page and on our website at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning.


In addition to worship, Kim Barnett, our Director of Children’s Ministry, will post a Sunday School lesson for children. Our Director of Youth Ministry, Katie Richey, will post a Bible study for our youth.


We are working on a way to keep our Prayer List up to date during this time of social distancing. If you have something you would like this family of faith to remember in prayer, you may get that information to us in several ways.


Visit our website at:


Send us an email at


Call the church office at 281-326-1970.


“Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.” (Psalm 103:1)



Rev. Chuck Weber


March 16, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


Here is the first - and certainly not the last - church email you will receive this week. As a new work week begins, there is some information I wanted to share with you.



Because of the importance of, and need for, social distancing, all programs and meetings at the church this week are canceled. This includes the main campus and the Senior Center.


Do not assume the staff will be on campus this week. Unless they need to be here, I will be instructing them to work from home. Of course, any staff member who is ill will remain home.


Let me conclude with what you can do at this time.


Avoid unnecessary visits to the main campus and Senior Center.


Check on persons who, because of age or health, are high risk when it comes to the Coronavirus.


Remember that God is with us. This does not mean God will do our work for us. It does mean God will walk with us as we do our work to care for each other and our neighbor.



Rev. Chuck Weber





March 14, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


The following events will not be meeting this week:


03/14 Saturday Choir Rehearsal

03/15 Confirmation

03/15 Sunday School

03/15 Tween Time

03/15 Sunday Night Youth

03/16-03/20 Children’s Day Out

03/16-03/20 Good Start Breakfast

03/16-03/20 All events at the Senior Center

03/16 Book Club

03/16 Children’s Council

03/17 Love Circle

03/17 Missions Committee

03/18 Christian Meditation

03/18 Bells Rehearsal

03/18 Wednesday Choir Rehearsal

03/19 Praise Band Rehearsal

03/21 Confirmands Mission Trip to Conroe



The Youth Glow Party on March  27 and the Spring Market on March 28 have also been canceled.


Peace be with you,




March 13, 2020


Dear friends in Christ:


In light of the current national health concern, I wanted to let you know what will and will not be happening at Seabrook United Methodist Church this Sunday. 


We will have worship at 9:00 AM and 11:15 AM.  I would urge you, however, to seriously and prayerfully consider whether or not to attend, especially if you fall into the high risk category in regard to Coronavirus.  Services will be streamed live on the church Facebook page and website.  After they are streamed they will be posted.  A big part of Jesus’ ministry involved healing the sick.  We want to keep you safe and healthy.  Therefore I encourage you to consider participating electronically.


There will be no youth gathering or tweeners gathering Sunday afternoon.


Please watch your emails from the church about this coming week and Sunday, March 22.


During this time we are committed to keeping our campus clean.  We are sanitizing highly touched surfaces regularly.  Staff and volunteers will wash their hands regularly and stay home if they are sick.  Hand sanitizer is located around the church.


I encourage you to pray for those whose lives are impacted by the current situation and think about ways you can be a neighbor to others.


God is with us and I have every confidence we will be with and for each other.



Rev. Chuck Weber