This year, our Budget Campaign is focusing on why you should give to the church, and what the Bible says about Provision, Giving, Tithing, and Contentment. On November 18th we will ask that you make a Financial Commitment to support our ministries in the coming year (2019).

When we think about stewardship, we often think about money. But stewardship means “taking care of that which is entrusted to us.” This involves more than money. This life and everything that we possess does not belong to us but has been given to us by God, and we are accountable to Him. This is His Provision, what stewardship is all about.

God wants to see you Blessed: He is pleased when you are happy enjoying His provision. He pleased when you, in turn, provide for your family and have more than enough to be a blessing to others. (3 John 1:2)

God’s provision is limitless. Just as Jesus fed the 5000, there is nothing he can’t do to provide for you. (John 6: 11-13)

God blesses you because He loves you and gives you the privilege of being an extension of His love to your community and beyond. His financial provision is for a divine purpose. Don’t use people and love money: use money to love people! Have an abundant heart, look for those in need and bless (help) them. Shine your light for the glory of God.

Once we recognize that He owns everything that we have, it also brings with it a responsibility to be wise stewards of what God has given to us.


This week, our focus is on Giving: Why you should give to the church, and what the Bible says about it. As a reminder, on November 18th we will ask that you make a Financial Commitment to support our ministries in the coming year (2019).

We do good things and make an impact on those we serve - sometimes on those of us in our congregation; sometimes on others in the community. Just consider the list below of ministries here at SUMC. Maybe the greatest reason to give is because when we give, we get the opportunity to support the mission of Jesus. We get to participate in seeing people's lives changed because we can open the doors and turn the lights on. Maybe the question shouldn't be 'why give,' but 'why not?' If you're truly following Jesus, why wouldn't you want to financially support SUMC so others can know Jesus just like you?

We were made in the image of God; and He is a giver. “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son.” John 3:16. As was said last week, He gave us every single blessing we’ve ever had. God owns everything and Provides everything we will ever have. If we were made in His image, then we were made to be givers as well.

Personal and spiritual growth requires that you give. If you feel you don’t have enough to give, start by giving small amounts. Giving reminds us that the world does not revolve around us. Good things are set in motion when you give. Giving is an outward expression of a deep spiritual commitment, an indication of a willing & obedient heart. We should give out of grateful hearts, in an attitude of joy. Giving according to God’s Word is not mandatory; it is always voluntary. James said we should not be only hearers of His Word, but doers as well. Being doers is solidified though our giving to God. John Wesley said” Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

You belong here, and we ask for your financial support. When you joined the congregation, you promised to uphold it with your prayers, presence, service, gifts, & witness.


This week, our is focus on Tithing: Why you should Tithe to the church, and what the Bible says about it. As a reminder, on November 18th we will ask that you make a Financial Commitment to support our ministries in the coming year (2019).

There are lots of reasons behind Tithing to support the mission of Christ, but maybe the strongest case for it is because Jesus told us to! Luke 11:37-42 shows Jesus talking with a Pharisee (religious person). Jesus tells him that the Pharisees love to boast about their Tithing in front of everyone, but they avoid other parts of following God like love and justice.

Instead of telling them to completely ignore tithing and only focus on the things they were missing, He says they ought to have continued to tithe and ALSO not neglect things like justice and love. He's letting them know that the only thing they were actually doing right was being faithful with their finances (although they were doing it with the wrong motives and the wrong heart, hence his instruction for them).

Jesus makes it clear that it wasn't just something that the Israelites did in the Old Testament, but it was something we ought to carry into the church.

The word tithe means one-tenth. It is the minimum portion that a Christian should tithe. And it should be the “First Fruits” or the first thing you set aside to be given to the local church. It honors God. We see this example in the Old Testament when they brought sacrifices to the temple to honor Him with their tithes. And most people don't want to think about it practically, but to have church, we must provide the basic practical necessities: turn the lights on; turn the heat or A/C on; and pay for other things required to do church.

How does a church get money for these things? From those that believe in the mission of what God is doing there! If you aren’t tithing now, START. Give incrementally more each month or year until you are tithing. You’ll be surprised how fast it can be accomplished with an attitude of gratitude. The hardest part is to just START!

As you begin to give, we believe you'll see a few things happen. One of the first things is that you'll begin to see God be faithful and bless you in return for your giving. This isn't a 'give to get' situation, it's just what happens when you're faithful. God is able to trust you more! Think of it this way - if money will ultimately take you away from God, why would He give you more of it? But if He knows He has your heart and can trust you with more, why wouldn't He bless you more! Read Malachi 3:7-11.



This week, our is focus on Contentment: What is contentment? What does the Bible say about it.

Contentment is the illusive ability to be happy regardless of your circumstances, as Paul explained in Philippians 4:11-13. Contentment does not mean complacency. Complacency is when you have a problem and you suffer through it, maybe even with a good attitude. Contentment does not mean surrender or apathy. Contentment on the other hand is when you know GOD is in charge; you change what is in your control but accept the things you cannot control. You are content with what you can’t change because you know HE is in ultimate control.

Contentment is knowing your life can be comfortable and secure, without having to worry about “Keeping up with the Jones” or reaching the top of the Corporate Ladder. See Hebrews 13: 5. Contentment is peace & quite in the mist of chaos. Contentment simply frees you to enjoy life where ever you are; that you don’t always buy into thinking that “bigger is better”. Contentment is when your peace and security are NOT centered on money or the material things money can buy. Often not being content (discontentment) can lead one to trying to prove their value by what they have. That can lead to a downward spiral, because buying things, especially if you cannot afford them, often leads to debt – and the associated stress related to it.

Real Contentment is a gift from God and found in a spiritual life, in our faith, and trusting that He is in control and will guide our paths and provide for us. When you realize that having more “stuff” does not satisfy, you are on the road to contentment. Contentment can help keep you from getting into debt, or help you get out of debt more quickly, because you will be satisfied with what you have and what God is doing in your life. As your contentment grows you will be better able to focus on making wise long-term financial decisions, which in turn leads to more contentment. The cycle continues as God pours more of his blessings on you and your family. See 2 Peter 1: 5-6. The secret to a happy life is knowing how to deal with good times and bad and learning to be content in either case.

As a reminder, this Sunday, November 18th, we will ask that you make your Financial Commitment to support our ministries in the coming year (2019). Not only is this a spiritual and generous act on your part, but you will be helping the Finance Committee to plan expenditures and funding the ministries for next year.

Click here to see the electronic Estimate of Giving page.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ministries at Seabrook United Methodist Church. Without your financial support and active participation, we would not be able to:

Introduce our children to Jesus, & the Word of God; Hold Vacation Bible School & Back-to-school Sidewalk Messages for the community; Provide fellowship, spiritual growth, and opportunity to serve others for our middle & high school children in a safe Christian environment;

  • Week long Summer Camp for children & youth;
  • Provide Mission Opportunities for Youth: UMARMY & Big House;
  • Conduct Community Outreach such as:
  • Kid’s Hope, a Tutoring partnership at Ed White Elementary;
  • Family Promise, a Homeless ministry partnering with Clear Lake UMC;
  • Mission trips to Sager Brown Disaster Supply Depot,
  • Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts
  • Seafarer’s Christmas Project;
  • Grief Share program,
  • Financial Peace University;
  • Provide meeting space for Homeowners Association
  • Provide a vibrant Music ministry that supports worship & special liturgical seasons;
  • Provide Adult Sunday School classes, Bible Studies & small group lessons;
  • Provided a safe, comfortable environment for worship and programs though good stewardship of our relatively new facilities;
  • Active Senior Adult Programs
  • Provide Caring Ministries & Transportation Assistance

We are grateful for God’s hand in the work we are doing in our community and around the world, and we desire to continue our work into the coming year. We hope you agree!

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