Meet the Team

  • Chuck Weber

    Senior Pastor

    Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 6:19


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate (and not just ice cream!)


    Favorite Disney Character: This is a tough one, akin to asking a mother which child is her favorite. I will go with Rafiki from The Lion King. He demonstrates that being wise and being silly are not mutually exclusive.

  • John Cole

    Music Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Bell Peppermint


    Favorite Disney Character: Goofy... because he's goofy.

  • Kim Barnett

    Children's Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: John 13:34


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip


    Favorite Disney Character: Minnie Mouse: She is a classic and stylish, wearing polkadots and bows. “I like polkadots and bows!”


  • Ellen Thornburg

    Communications Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: Amos 5:24

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Anything chocolate!

    Favorite Disney Character: Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet; he never gives up.

  • Katie Richey

    Youth Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 4:39


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Bell’s Cookies ‘n Cream


    Favorite Disney Character: Pollyanna! She was able to introduce a new, positive perspective to everyone she met. Consideration of new perspectives is a scary thing; being able to inspire such consideration in others is tantamount to a super-power. Pollyanna is my spirit animal.

  • Kris Brummerhop

    Seniors Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: John 8:12


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Orange Sherbet


    Favorite Disney Character: Tinker Bell, she makes you believe you truly never really have to grown-up. The Magic of Disney.

  • Karen Parma

    Children's Day Out Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla


    Favorite Disney Character: Goofy because everyone needs a Goofy to remind them to always keep laughing. 

  • Velita Way

    Prodigious Administrator

    Favorite Bible Verse: John 10:10


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road (reminds me of life…and my favorite bible verse!)


    Favorite Disney Character: Nemo!! Because he is a cute fish! (my pets are Koi in my back yard 😊)

  • Dick Rogan

    Fantastic Organist

    Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla


    Favorite Disney Character: Mickey Mouse - because I have an old film of Mickey from the 1920's  (silent movie era) - He's the original Disney character.

  • Greg Way

    Finance Director

    Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 24:8


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I stopped eating ice cream when I came to realize I had no control over my craving. But when Velita and I were dating, she gave me (of all things!) an ice cream maker! That was when I realized it wasn’t just ice cream I craved…


    Favorite Disney Character: Grumpy. Now stop asking

  • Guy Brummerhop

    Amazing Custodian

    Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:8


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate


    Favorite Disney Character: Pluto, he's a loyal dog & one of the "Sensational Six."