Kids Hope USA builds life-changing relationships one at a time:

One Child. One Hour. One School. One Church.

Seabrook United Methodist Church partners our local elementary school to mentor the next generation of the Seabrook area.

You can make a difference to at-risk children through your time, your prayers, or your resources.

Mentoring is multi-dimensional; it goes beyond just tutoring and seeks to support children holistically.

We had to take a break because of COVID, but as of 2022 we are excited to be mentoring again!

Volunteers are willing to share their most precious commodity; time. Convinced that a student’s life can change when given the chance within the context of a reliable relationship, a mentor provides the love of presence and the hope of a better tomorrow, together, with a prayer partner, a mentor’s deepest desire is to see a positive growth in their student.

Life Together is life at its best. With deliberate effort, life can change. And all people were created to be together, in relationships. So, we blend both truths into one hope-fueled description of what we seek to do and how we do it; Life Together. A uniquely equipped mentor, supported by a highly engaged prayer partner, and enabled by a scholarship provider can change the world. One little world at a time.