Grace to you and peace.


There are a number of issues about which people feel very passionate.  They sometimes feel so passionate that genuine conversation is not a realistic possibility.  Voices get louder, memes get more biting, silos grow taller.  And how faith shapes us gets lost in the culture wars.


During the month of September I will address some of these issues in a sermon series entitled Faith At The Fractures.  The purpose of this sermon series is to help create an environment where genuine conversation takes place.  I covet your input.


Please choose five of the topics listed below.  (Feel free to add a topic if it is on your heart but not on the list.)  Choose the five you think are the most important in this time and place.  Put a 1 by the topic you think is most important, a 2 by the topic you think is the next most important, and so on through 5.  These sermons are intended to be conversation starters, not conversation enders.  I will not be telling you how you should think about a particular topic.  I will be sharing with you how the Christian faith has shaped how I think about each topic.  If your faith has brought you to a different place I welcome a conversation.  I know I still have much to learn.


Here is the list of topics.  Choose and rank by importance five of them, and send your list to  I welcome any comments or stories you wish to add.  Please have your list to me no later than Thursday, August 15.



Climate Change

Gun Violence


Prison System





I look forward to hearing from you.



Rev. Chuck Weber